10 Reasons To Skip Your High School Reunion


Bringing Rain put it best – “If I’m back here at a reunion in twenty years talking about how wonderful high school was, just shoot me.” I’m truly amazed at how excited some people are to attend their high school reunion. Did they attend a different high school than I did? One on a different planet where high school didn’t completely suck the life out of you and drama didn’t leave a pile of bodies in its wake. The rumor du jour caused more casualties than drone strikes under Obama.

Some may write this off as nothing more than typical rant from a cynical loser who went through his formative years in the shadows. While I won’t can’t argue that, it does little to change the fact that hike school is, and always will be, slightly preferable to prison. That said, here are the top ten reasons to skip your high school reunion:

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There you have it. You already know everything you could ever possibly want about the people you actually cared about from high school. I just saved you $100 on pretentious clothes you’ll never wear again, $50 on gas to some random event hall, and an entire day of pretending you didn’t want to give the guy you’re talking to an atomic wedgie because he was such a (fill in the blank) back in the day. In closing, You’re welcome.