Everything is Awesome at LEGO KidsFest!


I’ve never seen as many LEGO bricks as I did while attending LEGO® KidsFest.

Innumerable as the grains of sand in the Mojave, bricks of all colors possible paint the floor everywhere you step. But first, our recently minted heroes, Emmet and Wyldstyle, greet you at the entrance.

Covering more than 150,000+ square feet of space, the North American LEGO KidsFest tour consists of five sessions over three days. Each of the sessions offers the same interactive activities and play areas for all ages, including:

• LEGO Model Gallery: dozens of life-sized models made entirely from LEGO bricks
• LEGO Master Builders: live demonstrations and activities from professional LEGO builders
• Creation Nation: build your own creation to add to a custom map of the U.S.
• Race Ramps: build your own custom car, and race it down the ramp against friends and family
• Construction Zones: creative free build, play, and display areas
• LEGO DUPLO®: younger visitors can explore imagination through building
• LEGO Retail and KidsFest Marketplace: purchase LEGO and official KidsFest tour merchandise
• Brick Pile: a gigantic pile full of LEGO bricks for creative play and enjoyment
• Monochromatic Builds: bricks of a single color to foster group creativity
• Brickscapes: fantastic displays that combine lots of LEGO and DUPLO sets
And much more!

Even after four hours of walking around posing for pictures with the incredibly awesome LEGO models, racing their own four-wheeled creations, and building towers, ships, and Picasso-esque Mixels, my kids still weren’t ready to go home. Who could blame them? LEGO tossed Chuck E. Cheese out the window – KidsFest is the place a kid can be a kid. And so can you, Pop.

From drool covered Duplos in the hands of tots still in Pull-Ups to the software running Mindstorms EV3 robots in the hands of tweens doing their best to reboot Battlebots and every awesome thing in between – the kids were in a state of nirvana. I know this because I witnessed it firsthand. People of all ages found something that interested them and they camped there to explore, create, imagine, and enjoy themselves in a way that many are seldom ever allowed.

I saw teamwork rue the day in both the Brick Battle Zone and the Challenge Zone and lone wolves dominate the race ramps. I saw moms, dads, and grandparents laughing and smiling with their kids. Sure, I saw a disappointing number of people goofing around on their iPhone as their son or daughter’s childhood slipped away, never to be repeated. But I saw far more parents side by side with their kids having a good time. I was encouraged greatly by that. And thanks to LEGO, they’ll have these memories for a lifetime.

Did you know that LEGO minifigures (4 billion produced in the last 30 years) are the world’s largest population? Did you know that there are 915 million+ possible combinations for six 2X4 LEGO bricks of the same color? Did you know that there are over 2,500 different LEGO Star Wars minifigs? Yeah, me neither. At least not until I picked up the event program. I bet I can win enough bets at the office to cover a return trip to KidsFest the next time it returns with the trivia packed into that little bad boy.

Speaking of bad boys… let’s say “mini you” can’t wait for you to finish helping your daughter put her chariot next to Cinderella’s castle and runs off after the ginormous Hulk LEGO statue. Great! Now you can’t find him, not with all of these little people running around like a pinball off the bumpers. All you have to do is go to the ‘Lost Parent Zone’ and security will help you find your son who will, as long as you filled it out, have a Lost Parents Contact Card in his back pocket so you can be reached by phone.

LEGO KidsFest was a great way to spend time with my kids. If you and your kids are already brickheads, have seen The LEGO Movie multiple times in the theaters, or have ever made someone a Christmas gift out of LEGO, you’ll love it just as much as we did. If you’re a casual fan of the popular building toy, it’s safe to say you’ll still probably find something that sparks your interest, even if you never thought it would. You’ll never see that many LEGO bricks on the floor again in your life. Thank God they don’t make you clean up your mess.

All photos courtesy of LEGO® KidsFest


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