Being A Dad Just Got A Whole Lot More Fun With Cooper & Kid



Dad and flying box kid pointing

Most days, being the father of three kids under seven is the most awesomest job in the world. They get along fairly well (at least better than the neighbor’s bratty spawn and definitely better than me and my sister when we were growing up), I’ve got enough time and energy to play whatever game their crazy sugar-addicted imagination can fathom, and we’ve got all the pieces, Lego or couch cushions, to build whatever fort/pirate cove/princess tower we need. And then there are days when I’m so tired you couldn’t pay me enough to get off the couch if my house were emblazoned in a raging inferno. These are the days being a good dad takes every last bit of restraint I have to resist the urge to give them all $20 and tell them to go see what’s playing at the theater. That’s all about to change thanks to Cooper & Kid.

Explosion w logo hi res

From the press release:

“Cooper & Kid is a new start-up on a mission to enhance the critical rite of passage into fatherhood. As a lifestyle brand that serves fathers of today, we offer curated goods and services and a community of like-minded men. Our first product is the Cooper Kit, which is the instant ‘Dad is Awesome Box’, filled with themed projects that, yes, both dads and kids find cool. Plus, it contains entertaining and educational mental fodder for the mature male mind.”

Cooper & Kid take some of the guesswork out of how to make the most out of the time you get with your kids. Between working a job that all but sucks out your soul, hitting the gym hoping to shrink your beer belly, and mowing the lawn before the neighbor goes into passive aggressive cardiac arrest again, it’s not uncommon to find yourself unmotivated to put in any extra effort at home. Don’t let exhaustion get the best of you, dad; you’re better than that. With this subscription-based service, you’ll have a boxful of fun shipped to you with (almost) everything you need to complete a handful of themed projects with your little crew.

The kids literally begged me to open the box as soon as I got it. I was happy to oblige them. We were all surprised at how much was waiting for us inside. The theme was “How Things Fly” and included feathers, army guy with parachute, catapult, sky lantern (like the ones from Tangled) and a bunch more. One of the first projects we completed was the catapult.


Apparently, my love for medieval weapons wasn’t lost on them. My daughters we’re itching to launch the included mini-beanbags at anything they deemed threatening to their fortress. While we did make a trip to the garage to grab some Gorilla Glue once we ran out of the glue the project came with, that didn’t stop us from having a great night creating a working catapult. It’s a toy my kids take pride in and enjoy telling others they built it themselves… with a little help from daddy.

At $65 a box, Cooper & Kid may be pricing themselves out of an otherwise profitable market. However, that doesn’t have to be all she wrote for the dad-centric start-up. With monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions coming, anyone can seize this opportunity regardless of budget.  We had a blast learning how things fly and then actually making flight happen with the things we put together as a team! Even on my worst day as a dad, a kit like this could turn me into an All-Star. Let’s just hope the next kit comes with more glue.

Unforgettable memories and countless smiles await you. Get your kit here.


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