Geek Dad Gear: LED Faucet



School’s out and the days of block parties, messy (-ier?) kids and weeklong sleepovers are upon us. What better way to make your kid’s friend never forget his stay with you, cool dad, than with color changing LED faucet lights?

Our friends over at ThinkGeek sent us one to play with. As soon as the Oops! guy showed up, I tore through the house and quickly installed the faucet to see it in action. Thankfully, my kids were in the other room and were pleasantly surprised when they went to wash their hands before dinner. Now that I think of it, they were a little weirded out that dad only spent 45 seconds in the bathroom with the door closed this time.

As soon as the cold water started running, a blue stream poured out and gave off an icy ambiance. Turn on the hot, and as soon as the temperature reached a certain point, the water color changed instantly to red, which is great in my house because the bathroom sink doesn’t have color-coded knobs. This was a hit with my kids and has amazed our guests without fail. All in all, it’s a purchase that won’t leave you feeling wet (or will it?).


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