For the iPad Dad – 3 Must-Have Accessories



Despite some of the criticism the iPads have received over the past two years, I can’t think of another gadget around the house that does so much for the family. From taking photos and shooting HD video, to organizing schedules, playing games, and helping the kids with their homework. Besides, Maximus loves this it and I’m not about to tell him he shouldn’t. Much like your first car, the iPad is often an extension of your personality. How you chose to accessorize says as much about you as how much you tip your waiter, so spend wisely. To help you guys out, the N00b Dad would like to share with you a few of our favorites.


Agent 6 Sling by iSkin

Whether you’re off to the office or a play date, you’ll want to take along your iPad so you look too busy to bother, saving you from having to engage in mundane banter with people you don’t particularly care for. For the dad who wants the ease of tossing something over his shoulder ( other than a diaper bag), iSkin gives you the military-inspired Agent 6 sling. As you can tell from the photo, this is more than just your typical carrier. The Agent 6 gives you detachable storage space for your charger in addition to providing a pocket for your phone and a D Ring to quickly attach your keys. Kids have a tendency to ruin nice things, but that’s not going to happen to this bad boy because it’s made with a premium ballistic nylon fabric making the Agent 6 a tough, durable, and stylish sling. Buy it here and check out iSkin’s facebook and Twitter while you’re at it.

Adonit Jot Flip

What’s more annoying than misplacing your car keys the day before a job interview or dropping your teething baby’s pacifier at the mall? Answer: looking like a bozo at every staff meeting or lunch with a client when you whip out a stylus that looks like you pulled it out of the bottom of a cereal box. Grown men should stay away from Crayola colored, foam-tipped, wannabes. I’m not sure which of the fifty shades of grey this is, but I like it nonetheless. When you finally realize that while your fingers are fine to use for things such as dislodging a quarter from the baby’s mouth or letting the jerk in the lane next to you know what’s on your mind, writing is not one of them. Enter the Adonit Jot Flip, a combo writing tool that Don Draper would be proud to use, you know, if he were real and if he lived in the 21st century. On one side, you have the best stylus on the market. On the other, a fine-tipped steel pen used by design professionals. The thin, clear disc makes the Jot Flip and the rest of its family the best in precision writing/drawing on tablets and phones everywhere by giving you the best accuracy in the market. Twist the barrel to reveal a refillable, fine-tipped pen – a great feature for when you’re signing paperwork on that multimillion dollar contract… or progress report, you know, like the rest of us. Get yours here and like them on facebook too.

Premium Leather Case from Hammerhead

Not putting your six hundred dollar plus iPad in a protective case is the equivalent of never waxing your 1968 Shelby GT500. You must have been dropped on your head if you don’t! This isn’t some little plastic piece of junk that some hipster at the mall is walking around with either. This is a man’s case. Hammerhead is a company that gets the big picture and nailed it when they started offering guys like us a case made of premium leather (and available in two colors) – something you won’t be embarrassed to be seen with at Starbucks.

This case offers a versatile design that provides optimal angles for typing and reading not to mention that is allows for quick changes from landscape to portrait viewing. The hidden magnet frees your hands when opening and closing the case, which means no more screwing around with straps or fasteners. Need to shoot off an email or finish a report? No problem, just fold the front case back and it props your iPad up at a great angle for typing as can been seen here.  Add in the convenient cutouts allowing quick and unobstructed access for all of your ports, switches and camera and you’ve got the perfect case for your favorite toy. Hit them up on facebook for the latest news and deals.


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